Douglas Jimenez

About me

My name is Douglas Jimenez, I have 22 years old and I am a passionate programmer who develops for the pleasure of learning and achieving results. I have studied Computer Science for one year, Mathematics for half a year and my intention is to finish my Computer Science degree here in New Zealand.

Nowadays I am living in Auckland with my cousin. My family (brother and mother) is living in Queenstown and they are one of my main reasons to be here. I am here for almost four months which I have spent travelling and doing a three-month English course aiming towards a good result in the IELTS test.

I consider myself a calm and patient person who can handle pressure with the ability of being a quick programmer and learner. I am highly creative and this creativity may results in good ideas in projects that I am involved.

Before coming to New Zealand I have spent a month in Sao Paulo doing three courses at Sun Microsystems where I was able to improve my knowledge of Object Oriented Project Development and my programming skills.

My previous experiences with game development and company related solutions allows me to be highly adaptive to projects related to various fields such as finances, storage, content management or even with 3D solutions.

Currently, I am looking for an opportunity to use my experiences and abilities not only to establish a career but also to help the company achieve their goals.