Douglas Jimenez

Professional History


XProcess Tecnologia da Informação, Aracaju, Brazil


Software Analyst and Programmer


April 2006 – Jun 2007

This company develops web management solutions for various companies types. The applications are divided by modules and sold according to the needs of the client.

The Development team uses a methodology similar to Extreme Programming focused in performace and results with low incidence of "draw back" (going back and reprogramming).


  • Programmer
    This role involved programming and testing classes, JSP pages, optimized SQL instructions and the page designs with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Developer
    My responsability was to create Class Designs and Database Desing (including indexing and relationships) according to the detailments received.
  • Production Environment Manager
    I was responsable for every update of the projects that I was involved. This includes updating application files (classes and pages) and database tables.
  • Trainer
    I have trained new employees to replace me before my departure. This training involved explaining the programming patterns and concerns such as database connections and fast SQL instructions.

Responsible for:

  • The development of Midas Web application which was an application designed for business management and had modules not only for financial, product supply, service orders, schedules but also more specific modules depending on the company needs. The main characteristic of this application is the ability of showing results in real time.
  • The development of a Web application designed for the management of schools for the Government of Sergipe, also with various modules, such as classroom control, subjects and course demands and offers. There were also specific modules developed on demand based on the social needs of the region.


  • Developer Role (creating solution to applications) achieved in 3 months (Jun 2006 -  Jun 2007)
  • Production Environment Management Role (updating and maintaining) achieved in 5 months (Aug 2006 – Jun 2007)
  • Development of web application within 3 months course according to project’s specifications, 2 months before deadline.