Douglas Jimenez


I have been developing my programming skills ever since 2000, even before joining High School. Here you can find mostly of my projects. My professional experience is described on my CV and on employments.

Recent Projects



Simple Game Engine
Oct 2007 C++


Web Card Game
Aug 2007 Java

These are my recent projects, done after professional experiences with Java and after the completion of Sun Microsystems courses in Software Development and Java Programming. Below you can find my other projects which I developed before this having professional experience and entering University.

Previous Projects


University Project
May 2005 Delphi


3D Game
2005 Delphi


2D Online Game
2003-2005 Delphi


Text Online Game
2000-2003 Script

I have also developed many other small application such as Text/File Finder and Application Updater (verifies and download new versions of an application). In addition, I have also edited and personalised Linux applications such as IRC servers and MUD game servers which were written in C.