Douglas Jimenez


2000-2003 (Delphi and Scripting Language) Text-based Games

This project was developed even before joining the High School. This project is separated on two main games and I have created another site (in Portuguese) to distribute the source to fans.

Scripting Version - FightEX

My first experience with game developing started with a scripting language of an application named mIRC. This first version has more than 200kb of pure code accounting for more than 4500 lines. This game uses the DCC Chat protocol (TCP/IP) to communicate and it is a fully text based game.

In the game we can type commands to do actions such as to challenge other online players, see statics, train attributes and powers (strength, dexterity and intelligence), chat and buy items like armours.

In the peak of this game it had over 40 online players and more than 1000 registered accounts which were deleted after 1 month of inactivity.

Application Version - FightBOT

This was my first step to a real application development. With almost no experiences in Delphi and other languages I have created a client and server to provide to the older game users a new and interesting interface.

This version was really badly structured but I was able to complete my objective: create an online playable game. I have used the TCP/IP protocol to establish connections and the game had half of the features of the older one however it still were more interesting for having an interface.

Some features developed are:

  • IRC connection protocol
    I have developed a little IRC client to connect on a server and advertise the server on the network. Then players could see the servers online and select one of them to connect.
  • Fighting System
    The players could fight each other to gain gold to buy items and experience to train attributes and acquire new magic spells.
  • Group System
    The players could create groups and do group fights, with the maximum of 5x5.
  • Item System
    The had a Store where the players could buy items such as Armours and Weapons. Those items they could not only wear but also sell or give to another player.

Initial Screen

Group Management


Loading Screen


Player Info

Items Store